Child development (in English)

We have a positive climate which encourages each child to believe that they can achieve anything. On a daily basis we encourage and stimulate our children so that they develop a sound sense of self-belief and self-esteem.

Curiosity and Creativity

The joy to understand and see ones learning will empower our children thus why we base our activities on our children’s ideas, thoughts and curiosity. This way we stimulate and offer the best of pedagogical conditions.

Play and Learning

Play is an important part of children’s development and learning. Therefore, we will create an environment which is stimulating and versatile, one that captures children’s attention by increasing their concentration and endurance while playing and exploring. Through singing and music, art, dance, drama, speech, writing and modern technologies children will get the opportunity to express themselves in different ways, both in single play and in co-operative play with others.

The environment will stimulate children to play as varied as possible and inspire to discover and explore through for instance designing and construction activities. All materials are visible and easily reachable for the children. It is there to challenge children’s imagination and to develop their learning.

One of our goals is to provide children with knowledge about nature and environment and also help develop an understanding about cycles of nature and the human impact on it.

Pedagogical Documentation

Curious Kids Preschool has an explanatory approach that starts from the preschool’s curriculum. We reveal the children’s learning process with the help of pedagogical documentation where both children and teachers can look at the learning together.

We use digital technology such as tablets, cameras, and smartphones to document and show each other and the parents what we have done during the day. There will be a display showing parts of the children’s work on the walls, and some parts we will put on our teaching platform Fronter, where parents can view our work.