Our story (in English)

Curious Kids Preschool is a brand new bilingual preschool and with us your child will learn English through play while we explore the world together.

We view all children as citizens of the world thus our concept of offering varying language and cultural skills from an early age. Our differences make us unique and every such difference we embrace and celebrate. We see differences as an advantage and we welcome diversity amongst both children and teachers.

Curious Kids Preschool accommodates 50 children from 1 to 5 years old. We are located in newly refurbished premises at Larmvägen 31, Fredriksdal. In the vicinity of the preschool, we have many green areas and playgrounds to explore. A few steps away is Fredriksdals museums and gardens, a wonderful environment where we can learn more about animals and nature.

With our city bus we will take our children out on regular trips to exciting places around Helsingborg such as visiting the library, going to the beach or Pålsjö skog.

At the moment we will form our groups according to the children who start with us. Thereafter we plan to have three groups. In time we will update this information.